Erika Braasch, Owner

Entropy Squared Consulting Services

Entropy [(en-truh-pee)]:

~ A measure of the disorder or randomness in a closed system.

~Systems tend to go from a state of order to a state of maximum disorder

From the Greek Trope for Transformation

Our Mission:

To provide customized and superlative service one Client at a time.

You can count on Entropy2 for all your operations management, business consulting, closet chaos consulting and resume, image and interview makeovers because "Entropy Brings You Service Squared." Our customer service is unparalleled and our goal is to maximize your efficiency and productivity by removing the disorder, disorganization and dangers from your office and/or home, data presences and digital desktops. We will then illustrate creative and simple ways that you can continue to keep the entropy at bay.

We all struggle to keep our work and living spaces well organized. Entropy2 knows that when your office, your house, or your business is filled with disorder and disarray, it’s easy to feel unproductive and inefficient.

At Entropy2, we will remove the disorder, get you organized and leave you with strategies to stay organized.

The Entropy2 Organizational Makeover begins the process by removing the clutter and wasted space and installing an organized system. Our Efficiency Maintenance System delivers constant improvement, and you can even arrange for a periodic low cost visit from one of our efficiency experts.

Entropy2 knows that once the clutter and chaos are gone, you'll see higher productivity and better results. Time is money, and with a highly organized work, living or digital space you'll have more time to focus on creating success. Now is the time to finally tackle the project and get it done.

Entropy2 is your personalized tool to make your goals a reality.

Operations Management/Business Support Consulting

  • · No-cost initial visit to assess needs

  • · Customized proposal with total price quote - no surprises!

  • · Human Resource Full Menu

    • Resume writing, editing and review

    • Interview Training/Mock Interviews

    • Review outside resumes for Client

    • In Depth Candidate Interviews for Client

    • Onboarding (I9, W4, Payroll, etc.)

    • Culture Management Expert

  • · Work scheduled to be convenient to YOUR schedule

  • · Complementary follow up visit to ensure that work is complete and satisfactory

Organizational Makeover

  • · No-cost initial visit to assess needs using our personalized ORG matrix

  • · Customized proposal with total price quote - no surprises!

  • · Additional services always clearly listed and priced

  • · Work scheduled to be convenient to YOUR schedule

  • · Complementary follow up visit to ensure that work is complete and satisfactory

Efficiency Maintenance Systems

  • · In depth analysis of organization style and ongoing needs identification

  • · Installation of a customized efficiency system

  • · Ongoing maintenance visits to maintain and continuously improve the system

Additional Services

  • · Closet reorganization/rehabilitation

  • · Wardrobe analysis/upgrade

  • · Room or workspace ergonomic overhauls

  • · Customized filing systems

  • · Spreadsheet creation/optimization

  • · Database creation/optimization

  • · Special Projects WELCOME!

"Entropy Brings You Service Squared."

Resumes, Curriculum Vitaes and References Available Upon Request