Course Integrity Third Party Monitoring (TPM) Services

Course Integrity Third Party Monitoring (TPM) Services

Entropy Squared’s TPM service ensures that the courses of our valued Clients meet, if not exceed, the guideline expectations and legal regulations relevant to the city, country and/or state where that monitored content is being delivered. Further, Entropy validates that all course content requirements are being satisfactorily met, including adhering to all state and federal laws relative to said course specifics. By regularly reviewing courses, per designated mandated schedule requirements, Entropy can document and confirm that the course provider is correctly following all state and federal guidelines with regards to course formatting, security, and content. This TPM service preserves course integrity for the end User, maintains content and data security, while also establishing a reliable course experience that reflects well on all parties. TPM services include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide ongoing monitoring and verification of program results

  • Analyze data for trends and patterns of abuse

  • Monitor and validate outputs and activities

  • Determine whether outputs, activities and services are conducted per contractual agreements and in accordance with course expectations and parameters

  • Complete Client course offerings to verify all requirements are being met

  • Receive regular data transmissions from Client, according to a defined record format, of student reporting requirements for the course offerings under review

  • Adhere to all state and federal privacy laws relative to data provided to any other party