Learning Management System (LMS) Specialist Services

Learning Management System (LMS) Specialist Services

Entropy Squared’s learning management system (LMS) specialist services provide technical leadership in support of our valued Clients differing learning management system. As an LMS Specialist Entropy is responsible for the design, development, implementation, delivery, and maintenance of all resources used for instructional functions.

Specific LMS services have included the following, but new, exciting and R&D is ever ongoing!

  • Responsible for managing and implementing Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for ONLINE Clients

  • Create, brand, implement and deploy full-service Harassment Prevention Training web portals on LMS

  • Work closely with various compliance focused Clients in assisting their service learners through training portals

  • Manage and maintain Certificate of Completion database and archives

  • Act as primary liaison with Entropy Clients, Vendors and Sub-Clients

  • Maintain superlative customer service standards via regular updates to on the progress of projects

  • Monitor law changes that directly affect each client and their course offerings

  • Develop and maintain open and effective communication channels with each Client, Vendor and Sub-Client